R2 Salon Townsville is now Closed

Due to the inability for a mutual agreement with the Stockland leasing team, R2 has closed its doors….

Lee and Heather Cohen along with the entire R2/Reds team would like to thank everyone, whole-heartedly, including their loyal clients and the community at large, for their continued support during the past 8 years. We have been humbled by the friendships made and the support given by the Townsville community.


We are very happy to announce that every member of our team have secured future employment. Please be assured also that our team have been given our database including your client records. We have tried where possible that our amazingly talented stylists remain with Wella salons so that your hair colour and the transition to a new location is as smooth as possible. Details below……

Lisa Blackie

Our amazing manager/stylist extraordinaire is returning to her home base of Cairns. She resumes position at REDS SALON CAIRNS from February 2018.  She will be very sad to say goodbye to her very many loyal clients and is recommending them all to follow Lauren Di Mattia (see details below). Anyone wanting to drive to Cairns to see Lisa please phone Reds Salon Cairns 40320445 for an appointment.

Lauren Di Mattia

We cannot speak more highly of Lauren, as her loyal clients will agree that she is an exceptional stylist worth following.  She will be on holidays with her family until February and on her return to Townsville you will find her at SHE CREATIVE, 52 Gregory Street, North Ward. You are very welcome to phone Simone and her team at She Creative for an appointment with Lauren please phone 4721 1110.  Lauren has been very considerate to find a Wella salon who are like-minded with the R2 salon standards with exceptional parking options to make the transition extremely smooth for everyone.  Please note that she will have all your colour history notes and if not she will be able to phone Reds Salon Cairns for details.  She will be very busy fitting in Lisa’s clients as well so book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Sheridan Law

What an impact Sheridan has made on us all in a short time, we will miss her very much.  You will find her from January at TOUCH OF UTOPIA, 10 Little Fletcher Street Townsville city near Max Brenner.  She is returning to her hairdressing roots to once again work with Jenny (ex Prophecy).  They are not a Wella salon, but please be assured that Sheridan has worked with every brand of colour in her time and is a master at converting to any brand.  She will have your client details and colour history and if not she will contact Reds Salon Cairns for your information.  Please phone the team at Touch of Utopia on 4721 5070 to secure an appointment with Sheridan.  Anyone concerned with inner-city parking please be assured, this is a perfect option.

Jess Peebles

We are so very proud of Jess as she started and completed her entire apprenticeship with R2.  Jess has decided to take a break from full-time hairdressing for a while and has accepted a position in administration.  She will however, be available one day per week operating from her home business and will also stock mostly Wella products for your convenience.  If this is not your preference, she recommends all other clients to follow either Sheridan or Jamie-Lee.  You can contact Jess for an appointment on 0429 060 326

Jamie-Lee Connelly-Swift: 

Our gorgeous rising star in the making will resume position in January at ANNANDALE HAIR, 5 Yolanda Drive, Annandale.

Kerin and her team are also part of the fantastic Wella family and they are excited to have Jamie join their awesome team.  The beauty of choosing Annandale Hair is that it is a stones throw from Stockland so anyone who would prefer to stay in the area, this is a fantastic option. Please be assured that Jamie will be able to phone us at Reds Salon Cairns for your colour details.

Just phone Kerin and her team to secure an appointment 4775 2825

Lee & Heather Cohen

As most of you are aware, Lee is momentarily based in Melbourne managing the Oscar Oscar Salon Group.  Their family and business life will eventually see them spending the majority of their time in the Gold Coast mid 2018.

They are so incredibly proud of their entire team and could not recommend each and every one of them more highly.

As well, their exceptional past team members all of which, they highly recommended (ALL listed below).

  • Lauren Di Mattia  She Creative                 4721 1110
  • Sheridan Law     Touch of Utopia               4721 5070
  • Troy Thomson   Hair Artistry                        0417 076 213
  • Dani Flynn           Tease and Bristle              0499 780 002
  • Jess Pegoraro     Groomen                             4729 0485

Best wishes for 2018

From Lee and Heather Cohen and the entire R2 team.